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Just a heads-up:
TLDR: Turn off Preserve options in Remesh

I tried about 10 times and never got a result like Grant while trying to sculpt a tree trunk. I was tempted to use the tree add-on but I’m really here to learn what is being taught, not take shortcuts.

In 3.2, Remesh has options for Preserve Volume, Paint Mask, Face Sets, and Color Attributes. If all of those are ticked, the remesh works very differently and makes the sculpt tools behave oddly. In my case, it dragged the whole cube up and barely changed the topology at all.

Unticking those options made it behave exactly like Grant’s example did.



Thanks for that, sounds like a problem that will crop up more as others update to 3.2.

This is good. May I add that what was throwing me off with Dyntopo was the detail size combined with relative detail OR constant detail. I accidentally left it in relative detail mode and for a couple of hours of frustrating work I thought increasing this number would add finer subdivision; i.e., more faces BUT in fact it does the opposite. If you are in relative detail mode, a lower value like 7 works better with the snake hook than say 12 or 20. However if you switch to constant detail, like Grant did it is better to increase detail size.

Inflate works with Dyntopo too.

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