Remesh adding advice

Hi guys,
I am following Grant Sculpting Dragon course and the remesh add on that Grant is using is too expensive for me.
I found this website that suggest several free remesh addons. I can imagine that are not as good as Grant is using but for me would be enough.
Can you advice which one should I use, please?
Thanks a lot in advance

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Hopefully someone will come along who has used one. I never have I just do it by hand. I thought Grant mentioned a free one in the lecture though.


Your best bet might be to just try all of them and see if any of the results stand out to you. I’d only recommend installing one at a time though, and you might want to do this on a separate installation of Blender so that if anything gets really messed up, you can just delete that installation and you still have your main one ready to go. Hopefully you find something decent =)


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