Remember your poses - using Pose Library

Since it is possible to come up with multiple nice poses it would be nice if we could somehow remember them. After a little bit of research I found out it is possible (and easy) using the Pose Library.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Select the armature and go into Pose Mode.
  2. In the Properties window enter the Armature Object Data context and find the Pose Library.
  3. Then add a pose library (button greyed out if not in pose mode).
  4. When you wish to save a pose, select all bones using the A key and click the β€œ+” button. To recall a pose select all bones and click the β€œlens” button.

Important: it seems that all operations work on the currently selected bones only. So have the whole lamp armature selected when using the library.

This screenshot should clarify the interface:

In case anyone is interested here is how two of those poses looked like when rendered.

Additionally, you might want to check this page on Blender Stack Exchange.


Excelent thanks for share!

This is really useful and awesome! Going to have to keep this in mind as I’m learning.

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