Relink renamed baseobjects problem

Ahhhhhhh that was mindbending :smiley: Finally i got them all relinked, nothing is missing.
After opening the file today iam confused if i did it right.
What i did:
-Make a copy of base object file, LOD_A renaming
-Link LOD_A object into scene, make proxy
-Select the needed meshes, LOD_A object is the active and link object data
-Delete unneded mesh from scene and filesystem

Now when i open the file, everything is at it’s place, but i got a lot of warnings about Blender can’t find meshes in the libraries (the unneded ones i deleted).
Does that mean i can’t delete my original proxy from filesystem?

I’m trying to figure out the exact same issue. I’ve posted this question in Undemy Q&A. If you’ve found a solution to this, do let me know =) Thanks

I had the same amount of errors, but oh well all my original meshes are deleted now. :smiley: So happy I kinda got the same problems as everyone else in this one.

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