Relative asset path to .pak asset path

Hello there,
I seem to be struggling to find an asset I have no problem loading within the editor, in a packaged game.
In the editor I simply load a soundwave given a path :

FString Path = “SoundWave '/Game/” + PathFromContentFolder + “/” + FileName + “.” + FileName + “’”;
return Cast<USoundWave>(StaticLoadObject(USoundWave::StaticClass(), NULL, *Path));

so basicly with a path being the class type + ‘/Game/Sound/hellothere.hellothere’ (it’s what we call the relative path right ?)

This method works perfectly fine in the editor but I can’t seem to find a solution to make it work using a .pak file. Do I have to mount it then search within it ? Isnt there any other solution ?

Thanks a lot for your help


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