Regarding Specialization and presenting you as a programmer

I currently work as a “Middle Full Stack Engineer” in a company.
I’m looking forward to a transition; I don’t know exactly when, but right now, I’m feeling very comfortable in the company that I’m working for, in my specific case, the ambient is pretty awesome, with excellent remuneration, excellent people clients, and managers in general but I feel that I’m writing code but not enjoying at 100% of the process, It’s like painting walls instead of painting landscapes if you know what I mean, It feels excellent coding web stuff, but I just think and discover that I enjoy more coding for games.
My problem relies that the simple fact that coding games and seeing the actual results are more satisfactory than managing and creating components/managing Django views on the web for example, I really like it but fell in love with coding to achieve something that is going to be in some more iterative way for the users.

And I think I’m getting excellent in Unity and C# made good progress also I was able to put my game on a JavaScript/React.js Application

"I am a Gameplay Programmer experienced with C#, JavaScript, and Python."
"I also have a strong background in web applications using React.js, Vue, and Next".

How does this sound to you? Should I exclude my web background if I present myself as a gameplay programmer in a company?
I would love to get any good advice on my specific case what would you do?

It depends, it could be really handy for a smaller studio where you may have to perform multiple different roles.

For a AAA Studio? It’s just white noise.

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