Regarding source code file in bulls vs cows in Unreal 4.25

Hi Guys,

So, I am getting started with unreal 4.25 version. I want to understand how can I access the source code of the game from the edit menu and make it run on visual studio on my MacBook. Seems pretty easy for the window users, but having trouble doing the same on my Mac. Please advise

Anyone here to assist?

Should be the same thing or the “Unreal Engine” menu from the system bar at the top (not sure what it’s actually called).

Yes found it already. It can be seen under “unreal” > “preferences”> source code(general).

But now i have issue opening source code file ending in .cpp and .h

You mean double clicking it in the content browser? Or are you talking about this (though saying Visual Studio Code)?

Well, on my mac, under the edit option, there is an option for preferences, and once you click on the preferences or command+Q on macbook, it will open a dialogue box which contain source code under “General” category

Do you not have a file menu? Could you show a screenshot of what you have?

Uploading: IMG_20210609_120231.jpg…
You can see the screenshot. The file menu doesn’t give an option for setting up the preferences. It is under “unreal” >preferences

Please wait until the image has finished uploading before posting. Also I thought you wanted to open VS Code. The setting to change the editor would be in the preferences but I would expect that the option to open VS Code is still within the File menu

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