Regarding implicit dependencies

One member function In the FBullCowGame class: CheckGuessValidity. the first three conditions: Not LowerCase, Not Isogram, Not samelength word are not mutually exclusive. So I thought this is not a good choice to list only three conditional statements. We should consider all the possibilities, which are total 8 conditional statements.
if (not LowerCase)&&(Not Isogram)&&(Not samelength word){}
else if((Not LowerCase)&&(Not Isogram)){}
else if ((Not LowerCase)&&(Not samelength word)){}
else if((Not Isogram)&&(Not samelength word)){}
else if((Not LowerCase){}
else if(Not Isogram){}
else if(Not samelength word)){}
But this hard code should be avoided in game development. Is there any better solution?

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