Reference Blueprint

I’ve selected the object in my scene but when I right click in the blueprint editor is doesn’t come up as something that can be referenced. Also I was wondering if its more efficient to have one reference of the object instead of two.

Not sure exactly what you’re trying to do here. Items in a scene are instances of something so you won’t find this in the blueprint editor. You’d need to add a public variable in your blueprint and map from an instance of that blueprint to the item you wish to reference. This would have to be set for each instance.

Also, 1 reference is clearly better than two. Not sure why you would ever want 2 references to the same thing in an individual blueprint.

So, to recap. Consider a blueprint like a class. You can create many copies (instances) of this in your scene. Blueprints can refer to other blueprints but cannot typically refer to instances - you can find them however in code. Instances can refer to other instances and you can add this. However each instance is their own entity and so you need, say 10, instances of blueprint A to refer to a single instance of blueprint B (there can be many but you want a specific one), you need to set each of A to refer to B.

The why is because instances do not exist until the level is opened and run/played. The blueprints do not know about them.

I hope this helps.