Refection plane has no effects

Maybe it’s just me, but as far as I can tell, a reflection plane has no effects when it’s set up according to the lecture. I’m using blender 2.93.2.


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Using a mirror modifier?
Or is it a material nodes setup problem?
Are you using Eevee or Cycles?

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If I remember correctly, I was using Eevee when testing about the reflection plane, and no mirror modifier was used at the time.

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Eevee isn’t Cycles. Totally different engines. Eevee build for speed. So reflection is turned off by default. These reflections, are options you need to switch on, using Eevee.

I think the use of the reflection plane was almost entirely as part of demonstrating the differences between the render engines. How Eevee is worse at reflections and needs extra things turned on to get close to proper render by Cycles.

It was good for a demonstration but perhaps rather a distraction in reality in the course.
Just personally I can’t think of any other time, in any other internet video I have seen one used for anything. Of course there will be some special situation where it has a good use.

You don’t need to “turn on” reflections in Eevee.

You DO need something for your plane to reflect though
By default, your scene is grey unless you add a HDRI environment so reflections won’t really be very visible because all it will reflect is the dark default grey of your scene.

You could add a HDRI or use the HDRI’s that come with blender.
To turn these on in the viewport, go to the top right of your viewport click the down arrow and turn off Scene World.

If you play with the roughness and move around in your scene, you’ll see your plane reflecting the HDRI environment.