Redid my lighthouse for portfolio

I’m thinking of removing the boat… Might change later.

Without boat:


The boat is a nice twist, I should have keep it.
Maybe a bit more in scale with the rest.

If you like your outcome of the challenge, then continue adding more.
Repeating the things you’ve learned. Sharpen your skills.

HAve fun!

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Perhaps make a jetty for the boat to be tied up to?

Check scales of each item with a theoretical human sized block. A boat about half the height of a lighthouse? it does not look glaringly wrong but just some parameter to keep in mind making scenes.

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I like the boat too, neat idea, but I didn’t even see it until I read the text above the image, probably because this is a (purposefully) dark scene. Maybe consider moving the boat into the foreground so it stands out a bit more against the shadows of the rocks. That would bring a bit more depth to the scene as it is =)


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