Red squiggles EVERYWHERE

this is a very simple question, WHY are there red squiglies everywhere when my code compiles just fine?

First, does the code build OK?

If it does, it is just vs code being stupid. One thing you can try is refresh your project from the tools menu in unreal. This may help.

this didn’t solve the issue.

the code builds just fine, it just has these lines everywhere

This is an issue with he plugins then. It is so annoying and one of the main reasons I don’t use code.

well what plugins do i need to fix this issue?

I have no idea. I use Rider and if I couldn’t use that then I’d use the real Visual Studio. Code is just a text editor and nothing more and only when you have the right plugins does it work correctly.

Of course, the Unreal docs do have a guide on how to use VS Code and this may help:

Setting Up VS Code for Unreal Engine | Epic Developer Community (

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