Recommending a blocker


I am taking a course on how to finish my projects. I am a web developer and am trying to break into the freelance market, hence the course. In the course, they recommend blockers like Cold Turkey. They are great tools, but if you are a bit on the intermediate side when it comes to computers, it is too easy to circumvent.

BUT, I’ve found a real lifesaver of a blocker that truly helped me with my addiction to social media and, of course, other not-so-proud activities.

It can be a real hassle to install on your router and computer, but trust me. It is the ONLY blocker I’ve found that I cannot break. Maybe it is overkill for some, but if you have a real addiction and cannot stop like me, this is the way.

I just wanted to share that because media addiction has been my number one hindrance to learning web development.

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