Recommended daily videogame time

So, in the video 3_BV_JOB “How to improve my skill based value” Rick makes the point that you shouldn’t be spending over 20% of your free time on playing games, mindlessly looking through facebook or being leisurely in general.

Thing is, I’m also following along Tracy Fullerton’s Game Design Workshop where you are encouraged to play videogames and record your analysis of them in a diary. This is specially true for anyone that wants to be a designer. The book also makes a strong point that to improve the idea making process in a creative position you need to drive a life where you live new experiences frequently and do lots of stuff other than playing games.

Under this framework, how relevant is still that “not more than 20% of your free time playing videogames” would be? What would be a good balance between time making games and time palying games if you want to be a designer? Would there be a difference between games you play because you enjoy and games you play strictly for dissecting the design?

I’d love to hear the input from you guys.