Recommended Cardboard for iPhone

Just bought this course - looking forward to it.

Can anyone recommend a Google Cardboard solution for iPhone 6S?

The standard one works well. Are you looking for something more high end?

Hi, I have tried almost every headset there is available on the market. From low end to high end. i keep on comparing them to each other to see ho they hold up. My go to for price and quality is this :

Only a few more dollars but the build quality is super good and it compacts if need be. Has a button too.

That Archeer looks good. Is it able to accept a phone with a case on it? If not, have you tried any headsets that allow the phone to stay in it’s case? (My case is a hassle to get on and off.)


Hey J_Cohen,

Sorry don’t know your first name. I have my iPhone 6 ins a small case an dit works good. If its a big case like an otter box I dont think there will be any
headset that will work.

We are doing some giveaways for head sets pretty soon. Reply to this message and look us up on social media and I may be able to hook you
up with one for free:)

Do you have much experience with Unity? We are looking for guys to work with as well so don’t be shy to share your skill level. We may have something for you to work on if you are interested.





Thanks so much for that information! If you have any headsets to give away,
I’d be super appreciative! I just liked your facebook page at Method
Visual, let me know if you need any information.

I took Ben’s other Unity course on Udemy a while ago and am taking the VR
course now to refresh and grow my skills. What sort of work/skills are you
looking for? I’m definitely interested in getting into Unity work as I

Josh Cohen

Hey Josh,

To a look at your portfolio. Looks good. Thanks for checking out our Facebook page. Feel free to follow us on youtube and instgram and I am on linkedin.

I also run an ArchViz Studio www.thek1.com so some of your skill set could be utilized there too. If you have a price list and some types of renders
you want to focus on. We are really getting into 360º renders rather than just static images, but we still do both. On the AR side of things we are using
3D models.

Here are a few things we are wanting to produce.

  1. Virtual Tours. This is a Virtual Tour we created and we are looking to recreate it with Unity for Web and a stand alone app
  2. VR Mobile experiences. We want to copy this app or something like it.

Moving forward we are open to growing with guys that are still growing their skills. Getting a giveaway set up now. Ill keep you posted on how I can get you a headset in the next couple weeks.

Let me know what you think,

Timothy Enos


I would be interested to hear more about what type of arch vis work you do. I really enjoy 3D modelling. I’ve read how some of the new material libraries can really help bring realism quickly into the scene. Have you created any interactive VR arch vis for clients? I’ll connect via linkedin, since I can’t seem to private message on here.

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