Recommend Godot multiplayer course for beginner

I am starting the Godot 2D course and noticed that there doesn’t seem to be anything about multiplayer. I would really like to learn multiplayer from the beginning of my learning journey. Can anyone recommend beginner multiplayer courses or course content?

Hi Tyn,

The current issue with multiplayer is that there are solutions for local multiplayer which can be set up however for online multiplayer there options are not quite there yet.
You either have to use something like the steam API which comes with its own issues in itself or something the Godot creators are making themselves as a seperate entity called W4Games.

We are in contact with W4Games as they are not planning to release this until Q1 of 2024 but we are signing up to the free beta of the software so its definitely on the road map to make a course on :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Thanks for the info Marc. In the meantime I’m keen to know of anything you may know of for Steam multiplayer in Godot - perhaps there’s a content creator you can recommend…

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