Rebuild project manually without having source code!

I have a general question about rebuild problem in unreal engine.
most of the time that I download a project from github, and I try to open it, it gives me the following error:

To solve it, I did a search in the community and I found the following link.

My problem is quite different, because I don’t have any C++ code in the project that I downloaded from github. I tried to delete the build, saved, intermediate and binary folders and open again the project but still no success.

The project from github is using UE4.27 but mine is 4.26. I don’t know if it’s the problem and I am going to install the same version to see if I can open it.

My question is that in this case that I don’t have the C++ code, is there a solution to open the unreal project?

For more information the link below is the github link for the project I am interested.

thank you in advance for your guide,

Well, I installed the UE version 4.27.2 and I was able to open this project.
I was thinking if we don’t have the c++ source code then we can’t open the project.

it seems that you can’t open a project from higher version with editor(UE) of lower version.
in my case I was trying to open the project that was for version 4.27 with my engine that is 4.26!

am I right? I mean does this conclusion correct?

Thanks a lot.

Looks like there’s source code in the plugin that’s used. You can go to Saved > Logs to see the build log which would say why it failed to compile.

Ok, Thank you.