RebelWings--First Level--(Laser Defender)

Hey all,

This is the first level of our take of the laser defender. Our intentions are to make this a three-level game but after 3 months we wanted to show what we have come up with until now.

-Original assets and artwork created for this project.
-4 tracks composed/arranged for the first level.
-3 difficulty settings.
-Checkpoint system.
-Power-up system.

I hope you like, play, and enjoy the first level of our game. I would love to hear any kind of feedback. Thanks in advance for your time.


WOW! This is incredible! Can I share this on the showcase page? Also would you like to write a blog about your game?

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Wow! That artwork is amazing!

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Thanx and ofc you can share…I would like to write a blog but it is not clear to me what to write so I might need some pointers…=) Should it be about the development process like a dev-log?

Really cool game!

Some suggestions:

  • The pause menu is way too slow and it unpauses at a terrible time, it should unpause when the menu isn’t visible anymore otherwise you end up with the screen covered for I don’t know how much time.

  • Those explosive bullets take way too much time to trigger, at first I wasn’t even sure where those explosions were coming from.

  • The boss’s beam. You either lower the damage it does or create a build-up animation so the player can dodge it, as it is, it’s just overpowered.

  • The basic enemy bullets are way too small to see, especially the bullets from those ships that shoot from both their sides, way too thin.

  • The arrow that indicates an enemy, took me way too long to see it, the color of the arrow is almost the same as the enemies, change the color and maybe put it in the middle of the screen instead of the top, change the size perhaps.

Congratulations on your game, it’s really, really cool!

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Thanx dude…=)

Thanx for the kind words and suggestions man…=) I’ll definitely think about them…=)

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this is AWESOME! and the only thing i added is different music, in-game tutorial and a level system

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