Realm Rush - unsure on Theme / Assets

So far I’ve mostly been following the courses with the offered assets.

Since I’ve completed the 2D course and am well into the 3D one, I am wondering if I’m ready to try and use other assets/themes to follow along the course lectures - since I can anticipate that that would lead to some issues/challenges along the way that are not going to be covered by the course materials and I’d be on my own.

Am I ready for that?!

The ones that I am currently having as favorite asset packs for this project are:

Kenney’s tower defense pack

Tarbo Studio’s Tower Defense Pack

Stynty’s POLIGON - War Pack

Although I really like the first two fantasy ones, I am mostly drawn to the Stynty pack. It’s currently available in a great Humble Bundle and I also feel like a bunker theme would be really interesting.

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I’ve tried the War pack, but since the intended workflow is based on tiling e.g. a grid-based system, the assets would need modifications to fit that model - and then they lose their aesthetics.

I think I have to switch to a tileable asset pack.

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The prefab variant approach does not sit well with Kenney’s assets either.

Since the prefab variant approach assumes that each tile will have the same number of materials (an atlas) which is not applicable to all assets out there.

I’ll continue using Kenney’s assets, since they seem really nice for this course, but I’ll ditch the prefab variants and just make new prefabs.

Fingers crossed it does not bite me in the … later down the line :slight_smile:

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Actually, it doesn’t. Nothing stops you from creating a variant and changing the model and its materials. The big benefit of prefab variants is that all the scripts will remain the same. What it looks like visually can be vastly different from the parent. I have made base prefabs in the past with no visual component, and then added whatever I wanted that to look like in variants.
Two variants with 2 and 4 materials, respectively

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Thank you for the input. Will have to look into it deeper :slight_smile:

Does that mean that your base tile (original prefab) has no mesh? It’s just a carrier for scripts and the Text object?

This is the current setup



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Sorry, didn’t see your edit. Yes, the ‘base’ tile has no mesh at all. It holds all the scripts that are common to the tiles.

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