Really not happy with the account situation here at

So, I purchased a course. was unable to login, I tried resetting my password to no avail. accidently clicked login with google while trying to refresh, now my course is in a fresh account instead of the account that it is supposed to be in. I can no longer access any of my previously purchased because you switched to a new system that’s buggier than a middle schoolers manually written compiler… why… just why. I’m really frustrated and I’m really not impressed that now I have 2 accounts, one that I’ll never use. I just wanted to redeem the courses i just paid for, this system you got going on is really not well thought out. Now to get help, that is nonexistent in live form on discord since its basically all people with zero authority to manage any of this since they are volunteers, I’m forced to come here. Why Have you guys made it so difficult just to use? I’d get it if this was a free service, sure but it’s not. Your password reset linked does NOT work, neither on teachable or via the weblink that I’m presented when attempting to claim the courses or when I login into the main site so I can access the new site… 2 errors with no description of what errors are occurring just that there are 2. I really need this rectified. This is totally not cool man.

so let me lay this out in plain English the current state as I see it:
1, An account that is totally useless (your main site)
2, an account with teachable
3, an account here
4, an account for discord

4 channels to jump through!!!
Now 5, since I have this phantom redeem without the ability to confirm that I wanted to even redeem on that account or not, just straight up applies with no warning on a google account I won’t use for this, that account is designated for a totally different purpose. I specifically made an account for my training and education needs. so i can find things when i want them.

This is a seriously frustrating experience.

If you are having issues of this magnitude, try emailing support: is very good about fixing problems. Contact them and I am sure they will fix this.


Cheers, I’ll do that, see if I can get this resolved, I’m very frustrated with the website, I was finally able to reset my password it said "successful, however I still can’t login. That won’t solve the courses going to the completely wrong account so I’ll definitely email that address. Thanks for that.

Hi Maize,

I’m sorry that you have had this issue with accounts and courses.
Our live support will get to your email as soon as they can but i wanted to drop a reply here from us at
We do still have access to the old system which is still active at Archived site and so you can still view your courses there with your original login details and we do have the ability to check your courses on that site as well.
If the password reset is not working for you on the new site the live support team will be able to manually set a temporary password which once you have logged into the account you will be able to change.
With that all being resolved we can then make sure that you have all the courses that you have purchased on the new site so you can continue your learning on the new improved site

Please accept my apologies that this process has not gone as smoothly as we would like in some cases like yourself.

All the best

Thanks Marc, I have also sent an email to that address this morning,
appreciate your response on the matter and hopefully it can be resolved.

I’m more frustrated that the redeem went through without so much as “are you sure you want to redeem on this account”, before I had realised what had happened I was in a google sign in and for it to never had prompted me was infuriating after spending all that time trying to get into my real account. what I don’t understand is google normally has a link procedure, and that didn’t even show up to me. I was simply dropped into the first video of the course which I shut down immediately because I don’t want to begin watching it on an account especially if I want it changed.
Thanks again

I have been contacted back by support, all is good. thanks all.

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Really glad to hear everything is all sorted out for you now.
Please do reach out to us if you ever have an issue in the future as we are always here to help :slight_smile:

Im really happy to be able to get back in, I purchased about $120 worth new stuff and watching it now. I’m stoked to have it all sorted! thanks for the responses :slight_smile:


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