Realistic FPS Game

It would be really interesting to learn how to create a more realism focused First person shooter game, one that doesn’t have an arcade feeling. In either Unity or Unreal.
What kind of shooter games use a more realistic aproach to their gameplay?
-Military simulator games, such as Arma or Red Orchestra;
-Hardcore open world Survival Games;
-Police/operators games, such as SWAT 4 or Rainbow Six Siege.

Ideas for this course to include:
1-Gun customization and realistic gun physics (as in bullet drop, bullet impacts, reloads etc);
2-Character damage system (e.g. get shot in the leg, you can’t run anymore, same apply for enemies);
3-Abilities for your character, such as leaning, going prone, multiple moving speeds, etc;
4-Inventory and item management;

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I so want an FPS course! I hope the team sees this post!!!

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