Real Number Wizard Cat predicts your decisions. Try to beat him!

Hello everyone!

Just finished 4th section and would like to share my version of Number Wizard.
It’s very simple, but it has different mechanics and, well, it realy makes some magic.
I mean reeaaal magic: cat will predict your decisions.

*Please, pick a number before you press “YES” button.
*Be patient - Number Wizard Cat need a little time to concetrate on your mind waves.
*Try to figure out the algorithm. Maybe you know its author? :slight_smile:
*Sorry if my english is bad.

I really like the aesthetics!!

Your project goes to show what can be done with creativity and knowledge of the tools. Could you explain how the cat decides which number to guess? Oh no wait… a real magician never reveals the magic behind their tricks :wink:

Also that quit screen got me laughing hard!


Thank you for your review, Phil!

I don’t mind to explain the algorithm.
But suddenly I realize that I can’t find any information about it in English. :thinking:
Russian articles name the algorithm smthn like “Claude Shannon’s electronic fortune teller”.
I can try to translate it, but I do not guarantee the accuracy.

By the way, my personal best is 89/100. Cat wins no matter what. :triumph:

Hi I played your game

I want to understand one thing. The player must think a long sequence of 0-1?
Because my first try was only 1001.

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Sorry, I didn’t understand the question.

The player must think a long sequence of 0-1?

If you mean that player must write on a paper smthn like 0101010000010101010… and then feed those numbers to cat one by one - well, no.

Algorythm works not only with sequence, but with player’s reaction.
So when (approx on 30th-50-th turn) cat starts to successfully predict numbers, player thinks “Hmm, that’s weird, let’s try to confuse the cat” . BUT algorythm starts to predict this player’s behavior too.

Also my tests says that not every person is enough predictable for this algorytm, but everyone likes point when suddenly cat starts to gain points super-fast.


Thank you for the explanation.

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Very cute game :). Effective algorithm!

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