Re-organising Files / Folders

When reshuffling the game mode and player pawn to their new sub-folders within blueprints hitting play would no longer call from the gamemode blueprint or spawn the player pawn on launch. On moving them back to their original position everything worked as normal. I can see this is a folder and path issue, however i am unsure how to move things into folders if the engine can no longer find them. I have tried using “redirectors” this has not fixed this issue.

So to confirm you moved assets within the Unreal editor?

Hi there, yeah i created the game modes folder and pawns folder as instructed and then dragged my player pawn and game mode into their respective folders.

All inside the editor.

It’s not clear from the OP but did you get that issue before using fixup redirectors as well? Might need to manually update the references otherwise.

Kicking out our GM in the Project Settings and give the “Game Mode Base” a Playrun, then Compile our GM and re-set it in the Settings worked for me.

When moving the game mode to it’s new own folder it removes the BP_GameMode from the Project Settings - Default GameMode (UE 4.26.0)

Makes sure you set it back to your BP_GameMode