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in this column of layers when I start play with those numbers the behaviour of the code changes for example if gave Enemy 10 and Walkable 9 the code go crazy and it start printing wrong Layer_Hit , and I don’t underStand the function of Enum layer

Hi Sharif,

In which course and which lecture are you?

rpg in first first section lecture 10 raycasting older content

I would go to the lecture you are on and look below the video window.
You can compare your code to the one on the course by click the fodlder icon and going to the git hub link.

It would be advisable though if you are struggling with Enums that you should go to the Unity 2D course and 3D.

I am not sure why you are following the older content either as the new content will lead into the second course if you choose to purchase it where as the older content would be much hard to incorporate.

TLDR I suggest checking your code to find out what you did incorrectly and then jump back to one of the beginner courses to learn some basics a bit more.

The reason i say this is because if you try the new content and get to the save section you will be completely lost i think when we start using BinaryFormatting and i dont think you will be prepared for it.

Hope this helps guide you

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