Ranged Attack - Issues and Solution


In the Player Experience part, a keyword I am designing to is Visceral. I want the player to really feel contact and connect with the actions in the game, including attack. I guess with where Rick is going, direct mode is lacking the ability to target.

Early on, I’ve decided to maybe not follow the click to move attack being shown and I also have a 3rd attack planned. (I really really dont like the Torchlight combat - wishy washy. I really really like Torchlight movement - you can navigate with fluidity just by looking at the minimap and steering the mouse. So for me, the solutions for direct and indirect mode are to implement these three attack opportunities - whilst trying to retain that lovely fluid movement:-

  1. Ranged
  2. Blind Melee (attacks regardless of range / target)
  3. Blind bomb (lobs in the direction facing)

But for now, I’ll keep the two methods and see which feels more like the experience I want with these attack considerations in place:-

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