I was fine with the use of arrays in this lecture, despite my earlier confusion about whether arrays and enums are the same thing - which I’m learning gradually that they’re not!

Just an aside to this - Ben showed us how to set up the level 1 passwords, then hinted that we’ll be learning how to generate the choice of password randomly, then set a challenge that involved picking a random password. In fact, he was just asking us to replicate the process for setting up the level2password array, then went onto to talk more about how we’ll use random selection further on.

The challenge slightly made it sound like we were expected to research generating random numbers - which was slightly misleading. Anyways, I see we actually are covering random number generation just a little bit further in, so I’m slightly glad I didn’t just start diving into the c# manual too deeply, although I was up for it, but I think that challenge could be worded and clarified just a little better.

But no biggie at all, still absolutely loving the course! :slight_smile:

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