Ramp Snap



Jumping back into things after an unintentionally long holiday break!

Let’s get this ramp going. I added a cube, using position based snap to place it in the center of where the base would be. I then turned vertex merging on, and snap to vertex, and moved the faces of each side of the cube to their respective vertex at the bottom of the ramp.

I then put position snap back on and moved the top face near where it would connect with the top of the pyramid. I almost decided to then move each edge seperately, but decided I wanted to try it with the face instead of seperate edges. So I grabbed the edge that would become the top of the ramp and moved it into position above the opposite edge.

Once again, I put snap to vertexes on, and then moved then snapped the face onto the pyramid.


And this is why I didn’t intend for the break to be this long. This works much better using the extrude tool.