Radio and 2 items

(update) low low poly penguin

(update2) light fixture (ceiling)

filled in some missing faces on the center of each ring

(update) nail polish bottle

(update) grilling pan (pan body) - first 2 images

I’m just adding one of the missing 2 objects (I owe one object still!); here again like the previous, there are a bunch of rounded corners that I don’t know how to communicate so there there are a lot of hard angles; also I found a bit of a challenge in designing the handles because I angled out the “railings” or the walls of the pan to be wider than the pan base and that created an odd angle for the handle to come out; tried a workaround using subdivide but I don’t think a real handle would have additional facets on the bottom like this one…

(originally I planned to make the handles from separate cube objects except the angle calculation at the meeting point to the pan exterior would be tricky)

on looking at the handles, I guess they could actually come out a little further, in terms of depth so the user can support the weight of the pan a bit better…

radio (just the frame part) - last 3 images

(there was a bit of curvature to it that I still don’t know how to communicate and some proportions are not totally accurate but the gist is there); I owe you 2 more objects but I just wanted to work on something and share…

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