Rabbit Scene Items

A rabbit, standing up on it’s haunches, thinner and more graceful than a typical cartoon rabbit, more of a sleek rodent. A small bush with small leaves and possibly some small budding flowers. A large round rock, with a mottled brown and grey skin.

I should have known before I started typing that putting “small bush” into google was a mistake, but scattered among the many pictures of beavers I found a few great examples of what I was thinking of. The rock was easier to search for, and I found many that reminded me of the glacial radicals scattered throughout the countryside where I grew up. I also found a good rock picture that I think I can turn into a texture file later, if this project ends up going where I think it is going.

LMAO!!! Aint Google grand?

I actually am planning to have 2 rabbits in mine, One of them on his haunches climbing up to check something out while the other looks on.

I have a bunch of rabbits in my yard right now so took a bunch of pics of mom, dad, and babies. If they’re of any use, feel free to use them.

Those are good references. Btw, typing “small bush” into google, brings up pictures of shrubbery. I can’t get the nude photos you speak of for whatever reason, even with safe search turned off.

These are great pictures you got. The two on the walkway especially, they really show off the shape of the legs, which are usually covered up in most of the pictures I found.

Keep in mind that the walkway ones is a baby.

It was still helpful, I ended up referring back to your pictures to help me get the shape I wanted on the tail and rear legs. Thanks for ideas!

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