Rabbit Scene finished!

It took so long and spanned two different computers, but I’m finally done! I adjusted his fur so he wasn’t just a solid black. Some blue flowers were added to the grass as well to give it more life and break up the green monotony. I chose a birch for my tree because I’ve always loved them, and it was a lot of fun and good practice to texture it just right. The grass is still not exactly what I wanted, but if I have to do mess with it any more I’m going to explode. Maybe I’ll come back to it one day and tinker more, but for now I’m happy.


Wau. It is really nice scene. :slight_smile: Well done.

How long take render?

Thank you! It took 45 mins at 250 samples. I had another render at 100 samples that took 20 mins but they looked the same.

That looks superb! I love it.

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