Rabbit and Skybox


Rabbit is really nice. i’d shorten the ears a bit though.

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Thanks! I know the ears are a bit too much but I was having too much fun while modeling them, that’s why they look so exaggerated :grin:

the fur on the body looks so thick , did you manage it with high count of hair/children or fluffed it with the particle edit??

A mix of both, but I didn’t get this result before really messing with the rough options. Also my bunny is bigger in size so I had to amp the hair amount to get a good result. I’ll post the screenshot of the particles options here later, when I manage to fix my computer. It’s broken now :(.
There’s a tutorial about fur on YouTube by blender guru though, it goes on more detail about it.
Edit: forgot to say, I never combed the fur fully down, it’s at a big distance from the body, to make it look puffed out and fluffy. It’s only combed down completely in the head, you can see the head is not fluffy like the body.

haha, I love how fluffy the chest is. I do agree that the ears are too long though, and the fur is a bit scraggy.
But overall it looks great :slight_smile:

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