R-Type, Angry Birds Clone plus other Game suggestion Tutorials

Hi, would it be possible to add a game type such as the old classic game such as R-Type? also would it be possible to do some tutorials on games/physics such as angry birds or pinball or the classic breakout game?

these kinds of games could be very helpful getting started and should give an end result.

many thanks

These are great suggestions! However, I won’t be able to work these ideas into section 2 and I also can’t promise to have these games as future sections BUT as I get to the future sections, I am certainly going to be looking at the best fun game to produce while having the best trade off of blueprint code and features not yet covered.

Really appreciate the suggestions as it puts the idea in my head!

All the best,


Thanks for your reply, please try your best to get some kind of physics game into your tutorials as I’m sure it would help a lot of people or do you know of any other tutorials where physics is the subject because I can’t find any?. Obviously I understand you have your own ideas and plans though :slight_smile:

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