Quiz Master, Not clear

I’ve been loving the Unity 2D courses so far.
But I’ve seen a lot of problems understanding
Quiz Master>Simple timer and Connecting the timer.

It feels like I’m just copying… I believe there should be more explanations, I’m creating variables and functions just because. I will of course just try to re-watch and analyze as many times as possible. But still it fees like is a long explanation made short.


Wrong section, I am going to assume you wanted the Unity talk not the Blender talk and move your post there.

It can start off like that.

I suggest: Do the challenges. Fiddle with things. Try different ways to accomplish the task at hand. Google/read the unity docs to learn more about any topic where you feel you want to go deeper.

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Woops, sorry I believe I choose the wrong one, thanks.


100 % agree with you. I was feeling so good before I started Quiz Master. I think he just goes way to fast and even with the power of pause I feel like having to go back so many times has me frustrated and just wanting to zone out and copy him instead of understand what it is I am doing and why I am doing it. I feel like the first 2 projects took a slower pace and this one feels like someone threw me into the deep end of the pool before I was ready. 3 or 4 of the lessons from Quiz Master were great and easy to understand so not everything felt rushed.


I completely agree- this whole section really needs more explanation as to what is happening. The sections before felt like I was learning and feeling really good about the course overall; this section feels like I’m hitting a brick wall and I’m too dumb to figure out how to navigate it.


keep pushing on, I found the next one with Rick was great and helped out a ton. I think the main thing I took away from this one is just how to work with the buttons and set up a UI.

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I haven’t done the updated 2D course so I can’t accurately point out exactly what is going on but after seeing Gary’s code and comparing it with Rick’s code in previous sections I can see why you guys are struggling, the code is great, but is not beginner-friendly, at least not from my perspective, the timer script is particularly convoluted.

Since you guys are having issues, I suggest you check exactly where you had trouble following the instructor and send the feedback to the team so they revamp those videos or maybe even the whole section.

I completely agree. I was really enjoying the previous sections from Rick, but this one I’m really struggling to follow along and see the logic in what’s being done. I keep finding I’ve missed bits or maybe misunderstood bits, and am having to do a lot of digging about to figure out what. But at least I’m learning from the digging!

Case in point - I spent quite a while going back and forth trying to fix my quiz. Totally my mistake - I’d created the Timer class with a lower case T, so when I added “Timer timer”, it didn’t find the class and I got a warning in VS Code suggesting me various namespaces it might be in. I sorted it in the end, but I hadn’t clicked that we were instantiating our bespoke class there, it seems a pretty important concept to not even be mentioned.

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Hey everyone!
I’ve been listening to the feedback and I totally agree that this section moves way too fast for people who are new to programming.
I am currently reviewing the existing lectures and looking at what additional content is needed to make the section more approachable and understandable.

This will involve adding some additional explanations to existing lectures, as well as recording some brand new lectures that cover new programming concepts in more detail.
So, if there are any specific things you found particularly difficult to understand then please let me know and I’ll make sure I address them in the course.

As a little backstory, this section was actually completed before Rick had started on the ‘Snow Boarder’ section and it was assumed that certain programming concepts and topics would have already been covered by the time you got to ‘Quiz Master’. This is one of the reasons I spend more time explaining the UI side of things and less on the code side.
Unfortunately, a few things in the ‘Snow Boarder’ prototype got moved around and changed, which has left a rather large skill gap between the two sections.

I totally understand how frustrating the section must be at the moment and I’ll be doing everything I can to fix it up.


Thanks for the reply Gary - I see why it feels like it skims over some bits. I’m still following it and learning a lot. Hoping to finish the course in the next few days - it’s been really instructive overall.


Thank you so much for this explanation, that makes a lot of sense! I too was feeling like the transition between Rick’s courses and yours was quite jarring and seemed to expect a lot of foreknowledge that wasn’t provided prior to starting Quiz Master.

As my contribution to how this could be better explained/paced, I feel like there is a lot of front-loading happening in the setup of scripts without a lot of detail as to why we’re setting them up this way. I’ve always found that once a particular section is complete - displaying the question text, changing the button state, etc - I can go back and reverse engineer why all of that setup was needed and properly understand what the script is doing. However, until I can see the finished result of a particular section, it is all very nebulous and I’m basically just going through the motions trusting that it will all come together in the end. Again, up to this point (I’m currently at the timer section) it always has and so I am learning to trust the process, but I do feel that a bit more hand-holding would be super helpful to those of us with very limited scripting knowledge.

Thanks for listening and incorporating your students’ feedback into your courses. It’s very encouraging and will make me want to always prioritize GameDev.tv courses over other courses available.

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Thank you for explaining this. Reading these posts makes me feel like I’m not alone in messing up the challenges. The course is great and I’m learning a lot but this explains the discrepancy between the pacing of quiz master and snow boarder.

As feedback, a little editing in the videos dealing with indexes and classes would be helpful. For example, I’m still struggling to understand why I need to type “buttonImage = answerButtons [index].GetComponent();” into the code instead of “buttonImage = answerButtons .GetComponent();” without the word “index” in the brackets, and significance of specifying it as class “Image buttonImage;” before that section.

I messed up on the challenge of setting the countdown image of “timerImage.fillAmount = timer.fillFraction;” because I just put “timerImage.fillAmount = fillFraction;” and I’m guessing the mistake I made was that I needed to specify grabbing the “fillFraction” variable from the timer script but I’m still not sure if I’m correct about that. Editing in a little explanation of the significance of this code formatting with an example of what happens if done wrong and why could help out greatly (feel free to even use my mistake here as an example).