Quiz 6 Question Rewording

For Question 4 in Quiz 6, I found the wording to be a bit confusing when it says “How would I set the text in a script?”

I figured it out by looking at the answers, and then choosing the only one I remember seeing in the videos. I think the problem was that is just says “set the text” and I thought “text” was referring to “how would I write the code for this variable.”

I would suggest rewording it to something such as “How would I access the Text Attribute using this variable?” Something referring to the Text Attribute to make it clear what the user is trying to do.

How’s that wording?

I think it’s better.

At first I thought it might still mislead the user into making them think it’s asking them to initialize it, but that’s kind of a good thing, as it’s not asking for that. Plus we’re way past basic initialization, so I think it works. :+1:

Should I change the title of this post? Like when a problem is solved we change it from “[Problem]” to “[Solved].” Should I put something to mark that this suggestion has already been considered? Maybe “Suggested” or “Closed?”

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Instead of the square brackets approach, if you are happy with the changes @sampattuzzi made, please use the Solved functionality, this will also then close the question/query etc.

If you expand the composer tools by clicking on the . . . next to the Reply link (on Sam’s reply), then on the Tick icon.


Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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