Quiz 23 Question 2 Ambiguous?

Hi guys,

Just a quick one to note that Quiz 23 Question 2 is perhaps ambiguous as it asks “Which property edits the visible layers?”. Based on the answer the question is asking which property of the camera objects, however the “Layers” dropdown in the toolbar edits the visible layers for in scene view… You could argue that the layers dropdown isn’t a property, but still maybe it needs to be worded a little better.


  • Andy.

I agree.
I think the question must be: “Which property edits the visible layers in camera view?”

Because student must click on “A” answer, for hidding the layer clicking on the eye icon of each layer to make it non visible.

Agree! I just popped into this forum to post this very same comment. The question needs to be qualified with “… in the game view” or something like that since editing visible layers occurs in TWO different spots in the image depending on if you are talking about the game view or the scene view.

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