Quiz 15 Symantec Error

“I want an offset vector that goes from the ball to the camera, which is correct?”

Answer I chose: “Offset = Ball - Camera”

Correct Answer: “Offset = Camera - Ball”

Reasoning: “Offset = Tail - Head”

Based on the question, we want to go FROM the ball (tail) TO the camera (head), which means the correct equation would be “Offset = Ball - Camera”. It does seem you intended to make the question reflect the quiz’s marked answer. Highly recommend updating the question text, though.

Not sure if anyone else caught this before or not. It doesn’t seem like there is a discussion about this already.

Yeah I thought that was wrong too. I was completely confused.

Was confused too but decided it wasn’t a big deal… it makes sense that if you subtract the ball position from the camera position, you end up with a positive value, which the offset value effectively should be.

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