Quixel Bridge Free?

I connected it with Quixel Bridge Epic games in Unreal engine. I seem to be able to download and use everything. Will it cause a problem if I use it in my game?

No, they’re free for use with Unreal.

so, I can use it on my project while I am working on it. But when I decide to publish it, I have to change, right?

What do you mean by this?

I mean, since I’m logged into Quixel Bridge with Epic games, I can add metahumans to my projects as I want. However, I cannot use these metahumans in my projects that I want to publish (I want to upload to steam). Did I understand correctly?

Just to note, metahumans and Quixel are separate things. However they are both free to use for Unreal Engine products, that includes packaged games. You just can’t, for example, export them to Unity and use them there.

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