Quite a few errors, could use some help


/*This is the console executable, that makes use of the BullCow class
This acts as the view in a MVC pattern, and is responsible for all 
user interaction. For game logic see the FBullCowGame class.

#include <iostream>
#include <string>
#include "FBullCowGame.h"

using FText = std::string;
using int32 = int;

void PrintIntro();
void PlayGame();

FText GetGuess();
bool AskToPlayAgain();

FBullCowGame BCGame; // instantiate a new game

// The entry point for our application
int main()
	std::cout << BCGame.GetCurrentTry();
	} while (AskToPlayAgain());
		return 0; // exit the application

// introduce the game
void PrintIntro()
	constexpr int32 WORD_LENGTH = 5;
	std::cout << "Welcome To Bulls and Cows, A Fun Word Game\n";
	std::cout << "Can you guess the " << WORD_LENGTH;
	std::cout << " letter isogram I am thinking of?\n";
	std::cout << std::endl;

void PlayGame()
	int32 MaxTries = BCGame.GetMaxTries();

	// loop for the number of turns asking for guesses
	// TODO change from FOR to WHILE loops once we are validating tries
	for (int32 count = 1; count <= MaxTries; count++)

		FText Guess = GetGuess(); // TODO make loop checking valid

		// submit valid guess to the game
		// print number of bulls and cows
		std::cout << "Your guess was: " << Guess << std::endl;
		std::cout << std::endl;
		// TODO summarise  game

// get a guess from the player
FText GetGuess()
	int32 MyCurrentTry = BCGame.GetCurrentTry();

	std::cout << "Try " << MyCurrentTry << ". Enter your try: ";
	FText Guess = "";
	std::getline(std::cin, Guess);
	return Guess;

bool AskToPlayAgain()
	std::cout << "Do you want to play again, Yes or No? ";
	FText Response = "";
	std::getline(std::cin, Response);
	std::cout << std::endl;
	return (Response[0] == 'y') || (Response[0] == 'Y');


 #pragma once
#include <string>

using FString = std::string;
using int32 = int;

// all values initialized to 0
struct BullCowCount
	int32 Bulls = 0;
	int32 Cows = 0;

class FBullCowGame 
	FBullCowGame(); // constructor

	int32 GetMaxTries() const;
	int32 GetCurrentTry() const;
	bool IsGameWon() const;

	void Reset(); // TODO make a more rich return value.
	bool CheckGuessValidity(FString); // TODO make a more rich return value.
	BullCowCount SubmitGuess(FString);

// please try and ignore this and focus on the interface above ^^

	// See constructor for initialisation
	int32 MyCurrentTry;
	int32 MyMaxTries;
	FString MyHiddenWord;



#include "FBullCowGame.h"

using int32 = int;


int32 FBullCowGame::GetMaxTries() const { return MyMaxTries; }
int32 FBullCowGame::GetCurrentTry() const { return MyCurrentTry; }

void FBullCowGame::Reset()

	constexpr int32 MAX_TRIES = 8;
	MyMaxTries = MAX_TRIES;

	const FString HIDDEN_WORD = "planet";
	MyCurrentTry = HIDDEN_WORD;
	MyCurrentTry = 1;	//TODO make try count increase for each successful attempt

bool FBullCowGame::IsGameWon() const
	return false;

bool FBullCowGame::CheckGuessValidity(FString)
	return false;

// recieve a VALID guess, increments turn, and returns count
BullCowCount FBullCowGame::SubmitGuess(FString)
	//increment the turn number
	//setup return variable
	BullCowCount BullCowCount;
	//loop through all letters in the guess

		// compare letters against the hidden word

	return BullCowCount;

Most of the errors went away after I restarted VS, then I realized I defined HIDDEN_WORD as MyCurrentTry, instead of MyHiddenWord.
In essence is that basically telling me you’re trying to define a string with an integer and you can’t?


Yes I think you’re correct. I’m sure you could put your integer into quotes if you wanted to show a number. But in this case, it’s trying to insert an integer into a string type, which you can’t do.

void testingFunction()
    // Valid number in a string
    std::string integerString = "1";

    // Invalid number in a string
    std::string integerStringBad = 1;

The second variable is essentially what your program was trying to do. I’m still learning though, so take this with a grain of salt. :smiley:

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