Quicker and simpler: Put on model not spring arm

So I never did the video directions, because while the camera setup might work at first, I automatically thought of what the REAL point of the mouse control would be, which would be aiming and looking. So I simply placed the springarm connected to the Barrel, and then placed the rotation adjustment to the turret, and the elevation to the barrel, and the camera never experiences the discussed problems, and you immediately get the animations you would be looking for in the end. Perhaps I messed myself up for a future video, but this made sense to me and required almost no extra work other than reassigning the springarm.

But remember, Ben said that the turret and barrel would have to ‘catch up’ to where you are ‘looking’. So there must be coming logic to eventually sync the turret/barrel to where you are looking. Other wise it would look very comical as the tank would behave very unlike a real one. Tank turret rotation motors take a little bit to make changes - they’re not instant.

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