Quick ways to practise C# and Unity

Hi all,

Total beginner here slowly making my way through these really brilliant courses.

Just wondering if anybody can recommend any quick and effective brain-teasers or other ways of practising Unity/C# ? (Aside from making games of course!)



I am fairly new to C# but I have plenty experience with other, simpler codes, but codes nonetheless. And I was that guy who learnt how to write names in hieroglyphics when I was younger.

First off its a language, and a good way to understand it is to treat it that way. I often use this really simple anology for if statements, if this then do this or if x is equal to y then do z. That takes the logic from the code and makes it more simple. That’s a simple method, but doing this as much as possible makes it easier to remember.

Have a look round youtube in between courses and follow little tutorials here and there, make little experimental projects just for testing your limits. Its all good practice, and you may find yourself using what you have learnt in the course on a tutorial that previously you couldn’t understand.

And also, be patient, the more you use code and understand the logic, the quicker you get used to it.

Everyone also learns differently, so a good place to start is probably finding how you learn best.

*Also, don’t be discouraged, when I was learning other codes, I found it really effective to find a balance of learning and using, and what I mean by that is that it’s alright to use code you don’t understand exactly here and there, so long as you are actively seeking the knowledge and you will eventually get the idea.

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