Quick Tip: Lightning fast version control

Hi All,

Here is a quick tip for fast version control, if you follow these simple steps:

  1. Save your model (Ctrl+S)
  2. Name your model, ending with at least one numerical digit as the last character, e.g. “MyModel_001.blend”
  3. Every time you want to save a new version (typically after a major change), use Save As… (Ctrl+Shift+S) and press the “+” button on your numpad (this will increase the number in the name by one, like “MyModel_002.blend”, etc.)
  4. Press “Enter”
  5. Done.

Recap: New version? Ctr+Shift+S, Num+, <Enter>

Happy Blending!

Edit: OOPS, this has already been pointed out by @Carl_Gustafsson. Sorry sir, I did not see it 'till just now…



A very good solution! Thank you.

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