Quick Fix -> Extract Method ... Whaaaa?

It would be great if there was an updated explanation of using the Quick Fix -> Extract Method in Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2019 (Version 16.8.4).

I’ve read here in other threads (now closed) where people had similar problem, some solved but not my specific issue raised here.

When I select the code section, right click (or shortcut CTRL + .) and choose Quick Actions & Refactoring, no obvious Extract Method option is offered that I can see.

See the screenshot for the only option offered…

It might be helpful if a cut-away video clip referenced this to help out new course users with updated VS as I’ve encountered this several times now and would like to know how to follow along.

Hi Josa,

Have you already tried to click here?


Also, please see here:

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Hi Nina, thanks for your reply, yes I have indeed clicked there and the portion I have boxed in yellow is the result.

Clicking there, offers as a suggestion, the same code segment (yellow box) as does right clicking a highlighted section of code, and clicking Quick Actions (& Refactoring) as the video indicates.

However your linked doc does look promising and I’ll look forward to trying it in the morning.

I think this will be a solution, but my other main reason for posting was as a suggestion this minor stumbling issue might be updated on the video with a little cut in.

Thanks again…

I agree with you. This could be a bit more clear.

However, Rick is currently remastering the Unity 3D course. There will be new videos with better explanations. That’s why he won’t update this one anymore. Nevertheless, thank you for letting us know what you feel could be improved. It’s definitely helpful for future updates. :slight_smile:

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