Questions of UE4

I am beginer in UE4, and after Course I have severals questions - if you can help, I ll be happн) So:

  1. How are you determinating - when I should use c++ in project and when is better to use blueprints?
  2. How are you working with textures and materials for 3d models - are you creating materials and textures in other programms (like blender), or are you working with textures and materials just in UE4? What is the best way?

Hey there! Sorry for the late reply. Let me answer your questions -
1 - It depends. Many times you can use both. According to the situation you would have to decide which one to use.
2 - 3D models? Many of them can be found free in the marketplace, so if you don’t use Blender, you have an alternative. Blender is a good place to create your own mods if you can’t find any good ones in the marketplace.
EDIT - Also if you receive no reply in 48 hours, then feel free to bump the thread.

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