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So I followed the new 2019 section one course and installed all the visual studio programs to my C drive. The problem is that this is a small but high speed drive, that’s really only there to start up the computer and run the basic local programs. For other things like steam games and mass storage I use several larger drives. I even have one that I specifically labeled for game design, and that is where I have unreal. After downloading the visual studio applications I realized i had not redirected their download to the game development drive. Now my boot drive is almost full.
I’ve since uninstalled while I look for answers and advice, installing didn’t take too long so I’m not worried about time. I’m mainly wondering what I should do if space is a concern. Should I reinstall it all to my Development drive, OR should I install it on the boot drive and just save any programs I write to a folder in the Development drive.
I also wanted to say that I’m very new to this, so if there is something I’m missing or a solution I didn’t mention, that’s most likely because I have no idea it exists.
Thanks in advance!

At home I don’t have it on my SSD boot drive either and it works just fine. I don’t see the point of keeping in on your boot drive if that means you’ll end up with a space problem, that’ll just slow down your boot drive as well.

You can use this to move any specific version of Unreal to a different drive without having to move the entire launcher

Thanks for the advice! Also asked my friend who helped me build it and got the same advice from him.

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