Question when modeling plane in section 4

Why use a cube and build the fuelselage of the plane vs the technique with plan and mirror like in section 3 with the dinosaur? Would not all the pieces be mirrored exactly and if you did add detail just apply the mirror to make specific unique adjustments as needed at specific locations?

I am following the video but wanted to ask just in case it was just to show another way to model this vs what we already learned.



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I would imagine either way works fine, especially at this early stage in the modelling. Grant most likely is trying to introduce a new technique here because I suspect he’s going to use the fabled Auto Mirror soon.

The spitfire definitely will be mirrored though as that’s an important aspect of what he teaches regarding how UVs work, so no need to be concerned about that part =)


Thanks for the response, I am following his course so will see where it leads.


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