[QUESTION] Victory sound in each scene

I am experimenting with playing some kind of victory sound when all blocks are cleared and the game moves to the next scene.
Currently I have the following solution:

  • A separate SoundPlayer that plays different AudioClip sound objects using AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint. The SoundPlayer.PlayVictory method looks like this:


    • Play victory sound and wait until it is done.
    • The scene should be frozen (not switched to next scene) for this to work
    • Should call it using StartCoroutine(thisObject.playVictory());
      public IEnumerator playVictory() {
      yield return new WaitForEndOfFrame();
      playClip(victorySound, Vector3.zero, victoryVolume);

    private void playClip(AudioClip clip, Vector3 position, float volume) {
    if (clip) {
    AudioSource.PlayClipAtPoint(clip, position, volume);

  • LevelManager which has a static method onLevelCompleted:

private static void onLevelCompleted() {
// Play Victory sound - the previous level was cleared
SoundPlayer soundPlayer = FindObjectOfType();
if (soundPlayer) {
LevelManager levelManager = getInstance();
// Call the “stop ball” later to avoid velocity recalculation due to bounce
levelManager.Invoke(“stopBall”, 0.01f);
// Switch to next level after 3 seconds, when the victory sound is done
levelManager.Invoke(“loadNextLevel”, 3); // Load next level after 3 seconds

The stopBall method stops the ball in the air so that we can play the sound and have the smoke effects:

// Stop ball movement
private void stopBall() {
	Ball ball = FindObjectOfType<Ball>();
	if (ball) {

In the Ball class:

// Stop the movement of the ball
public void stopMovement() {
	// Set velocity to 0 and make it Kinematic
	Rigidbody2D rigidBody = GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>();
	if (rigidBody) {
		rigidBody.velocity = Vector3.zero;

I find this code a bit of a hack - freezing the ball, waiting some delays, using Coroutines.

Is there any cleaner way to do this? :slight_smile:

You could always consider having a scene between scenes, e.g. a scene that appears which congratulates the player for completing the level, before the next level appears - either time limited or on a tap/click… you could then re-use that scene by just updating things like the score and level number displayed or something like that…

Just a thought…

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