[Question] User Preference Problem

Jan 23 - I wanted to enable the 3 Button Mouse and as i click on User Preference in the file menu, it close the blunder application completely.
I tried relaunch the application and it still does the same thing.
i tried used the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Alt U, it still close the application.
I tried restart my laptop and it is still the same issue.
I have also uninstall bunders from my computer and reinstall it back, the problem still persist.
Note: I have Blunder v2.78
Please I need your help now.

I dont think we can be of much help here as this is a blender or OS issue.
Your best bet would be to contact Blender support.
One thing you could try is remove it all and then download a new copy of the installation and reinstall to a new location and see if that helps.

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