[QUESTION] Unit of Measure

So I’m following along with the videos, but I want to have my objects have real-world scales as I’m hoping to use them in Unity (cross-training here!). A wall that is 4 meters high (approximately 12 feet) feels a little too tall, and 4 feet high is obviously too short. So for the walls that are 3x4,
I went with 2.5m wide and 3m. What have others done?

In the properties panel, under scene, you can choose a metric system and the unit presets.

Thanks @Svetlin_Balkanski I found that option!

I am still wondering though, if others have kept their UOM to blender units or if they were switching to metric or Imperial units.

I’ve changed it to meters. It’s very easy to change if need be. The reference materials I’m using are in both feet and meters. I use the function if need be or calculator to convert to metric if need be.

Each there own.

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