Question regarding PositionReporter

I’ll mention about what I recognized in the PositionReporter.cpp (I used the name) before proceeding to the actual problem/question :

  1. Couple of header files
  2. A derived class ( Parent: UActorComponent )
  3. Few functions

Now the question part:

  1. What does Generated_Body() do?
  2. What is a “Tick” (Eg. TickComponent, bCanEverTick etc.)
  3. What is the purpose of this statement > “UCLASS( ClassGroup=(Custom), meta=(BlueprintSpawnableComponent) )”

The problem part:
I was playing around in Unreal Engine, and unfortunately, instead of “Add Component” , I used “Add New”, which is used to create an asset. Is there any way to delete the C++ file and the class of the asset I created? (because the name PositionReport was to be used with the “Add Component” but now is being used with “Add New” asset.)

PS: I’ve a slight knowledge of C++, but if my questions make me look like I’m a newbie, please pardon me. I’ve tried to search few stuff on google myself before asking the questions, and about the problem, but didn’t get it. :slight_smile:

Lesson 64 talks about the Tick. It is a frame ie time step of the game engine.

UCLASS( … ) is a macro that Unreal will use to add code to the source file to make it work with the engine framework. More on macros in Lesson 73.

If you are using version control you could 1) backup your PositionReporter source files somewhere outside the project 2) roll the project back to before you added the asset 3) create the class with the right name and paste the code back in from the backed up files.

Check out Lesson 66, it goes into cloning from the instructor’s repository which would be useful info.

If you open up the section slides (there is a link in the table of contents) there is one towards the end that has the way to delete a class. You may be able to just delete the asset if you are not using it anywhere.

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