[Question] Grunt vs. Player class

Probably answered if I keep watching but… I am having a disconnect here.

Is Grunt a component added to Player, or is Grunt a prefab variant of Player, or are Grunt and Player separate classes altogether?

I keep thinking that Player is going to choose a class (Grunt, Mage, Ranger) and it will be added to the Player gameobject, giving them their weapon of class (sword, fireball, bow).

Sorry about the delay on this

There are two different concepts at play here:

You have the Player Prefab and the Grunt prefab. Most likely, these are both variants of the Character prefab.

A Player’s BaseStats will have CharacterClass.Player selected.
A Grunt’s BaseStats will have a CharacterClass.Grunt selected.

Weapons are completely separate, based on whatever weapon is set in the Fighter’s defaultWeapon field.

Thank you for the response.
After watching the videos and speaking on Discord:

Grunt, Mage, and Archer, are NPC classes.
Player is the player’s class.

After going through the video, this is a simple thing to understand. Was just throwing me for a momentary, and rather embarrassing, confusion loop. It happens though. I’m just vocal about it, so it can also perhaps be a bit of feedback.

I’m actually on the forums now, because of the Events/Delegates video now. Another confusing portion, but the Unity tutorial posted on the forums was a great help. Perhaps add a link to the lecture notes?